Lonesome Rider | Elsa & Jackson


The flowers around her were slain by a new pattern. Too caught up in sorrow, Elsa barely registered this unfamiliar pattern. Bringing her hands up to her face, she felt her tears freeze between her fingers. With small, harmonic sounds, they hit the ground beneath, only heard if you were completely quiet. The music was brutally beautiful in this time of horror. Disgusted with herself for finding a flicker of light in the middle of an ocean of darkness, she removed her hands as if she had burnt herself.

Palms touching the ground once more, she finally noticed the difference in the ice beneath. Instead of finding her own doodles, she followed a true masterpiece with her fingertips. Even in her state, there was no way that she could have made it. Her head snapped up as she looked around. There were others like her? She would not be alone anymore. But even as her eyes searched the entire courtyard, Elsa saw no one. With a sob, she accepted that this pattern had to have been made from her sorrow.

She was still alone. Now more than ever.

If only she knew… If she could have seen the male beside her, her grief would have evaporated like ice crystals and its water on a hot summer day. If only…

Sobs still wrecking her body, Elsa got up on her feet. Her legs felt weak and refused to do most of what she obeyed them to. ❝Jack-,❞ she began, almost whispering, but her voice broke before she could say the rest of his name. A big lump formed in her throat, as if her body wanted it to become physically impossible to utter his name. But she n e e d e d to say it. Just one, last time.

Jackson.❞ Automatically, her gaze redirected itself from the icy patterns on the ground to the painfully blue sky above. She watched clouds form as she spoke, well-knowing that she was the cause of them, even though she tried to hold back. ❝If y-,❞ clearing her throat, Elsa convinced herself that it did not matter if her voice cracked. She was alone. ❝If you can hear me,❞ she continued, hesitantly, ❝I- I’m-❞ The tears came welling back and started rolling down her cheeks.

It took her several minutes to control her tears enough to blurt out:

— ❝I am s o r r y.❞

It is my fault.❞


Jack Frost was invisible. It was hard to come to terms with, especially as he stood there cradling his hand, as if it had been burned. The woman before him was collapsing, crying in a sorrow so profound that it made Jack hurt too. He wanted nothing more than to comfort her and the feeling was surreal, because he had no reason to draw her close.

Then, he heard his name.


Jack looked up hopefully. Could she finally see him? But she went on, broken and torn, tears spilling down her cheeks. She uttered the name Jackson and he could only assume it was that Overland boy she was gushing about earlier. Jack Frost was suddenly jealous—who was this boy that was so treasured? That was remembered and mourned? Who was this Jackson that had friends and lovers and laugh that could light up the whole world? Jack Frost wanted to know, because didn’t he deserve those things too?

She was sorry. Jack’s heart hurt in a weird, constricting way. It didn’t make any sense! Nothing made any sense! He paced around the woman, his hands in his hair as he tried to deconstruct everything he had learned. She missed this Jackson. He was dead. But why did that matter to Jack? It didn’t! There was no reason to linger here, watching a breakdown he could do nothing to help. She couldn’t even see him. 

Yet, Jack found himself urged forth by a deep anger. Something he’d never felt before. He rounded on the woman and reached for her again, chilly hands resting on the surface of her skin, but sinking at the slightest movement.

"Look at me!" He pleaded. "Jackson wouldn’t want this, I’m sure of it. He would… he would want you to be happy, right? Not guilty. Not like this."

And despite himself, he found tears sprinkling from his eyes, but they simply turned to snow that floated to the ground. 

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3. Me for one night.


{ ☼ } ┈ Jackson blushed red, surprised by the outcome. He glanced at the blonde beauty and ran a nervous hand through his wild hair. 

"Ah, well, what would you like to do?" 

⊰✿⊱     My…,” she hesitated a little. What if he’ll consider her strange or may be too open-hearted? She didn’t want to lose or scare off the only friendly human in sight. Mother told her that other people are vicious, that they are ruffians and bandits… Rapunzel had to believe for it was the reason why her magic had to be hidden away. What if someone will  like to own that long magical hair and use it for his selfish purposes? 

              Gothel kept her darling daughter away from the evil world, yet only she didn’t know that the precious nightingale desired to embrace the blue sky with her wings. She wished for it so badly that sometimes sacrificed the good faith of her Mother.
Yet she didn’t want to seem out of her mind. She was a very kind and gentle lady. And the magical hair wasn’t the only wonder what she was gifted with. 

"My mother doesn’t allow me to go outside," the girl let it out quietly and embraced herself slowly, "It lasted as long as I can remember myself…", she added with sincere sadness in her melodious voice. Though, the child of sun couldn’t stay sad forever, she always tried to find the brightest side in everything.
"But I had Pascal and… he’s not a lizard,” her face changed and she became a bit more serious, "He’s the chameleon. There is a difference. You know, he can change the colors,” her white frail hand cupped the small animal and showed to the boy. Pascal wasn’t very trusting towards new people, yet he couldn’t fail at doing the very best thing he could do. Hence he changed his skin into red, then into orange, afterwards into blue and, for the last, decided to take the color of the boys hair  to tease him in return just a bit. 

"We’re glad to meet you, Jackson!," the blonde smiled softly and fixed a strand of her hair behind her ear elegantly, “And thank you… really,” she placed her hands together neatly and followed him.
"But how did you find us? I mean I haven’t seen many people roaming around in the forest…," she asked with some curiousity. 



{ ☼ } ┈ “You’re not allowed outside?” Jackson blurted out, obviously surprised by such a cruel punishment. How could one go without feeling the breeze touch their face or the cool grass brush between their toes? How could someone stay in this stifling tower (even Jackson was growing weary of it and he had only been there a few minutes!)? It was then Jackson decided that he would show this girl, one he hardly knew, what good the outside world had to offer! 

For Jackson, he could not be so easily contained. He thought his mother was demanding, but it was nothing compared to Raiponce. He was often weighed down by cumbersome customs, such as learning a trade or finding a proper bride, but there seemed something almost cruel about never going outside. Jackson reveled in the forest, where all his worries slipped away. He adored the trees rocking in the wind and the way the stars sparkled, as if only for him. He was a boy of freedom and tricks—and he wondered if Raiponce was also this way, but never had the chance to flourish. 

When Pascal was thrust forward, Jackson laughed in delight as he changed colors. He had never seen anything so wonderful! It was like… like magic. When he turned chestnut brown, like Jackson’s hair, he smirked, “This little guy is a trickster too, I can tell.”

At her question, he paused. 

"I’m a shepherd of a flock of sheep and I found your tower a couple days ago actually… I was herding my flock in the woods, you know, so they could eat and stretch their legs. I found your tower that way, but decided to come without the sheep. With all their bleating, they can be kinda rude."

Jackson walked over to the single window and glanced down.

"Well, when do you want your big adventure to begin?" He gave her his customary smirk, because this might be his biggest scheme of all. There was something wonderful about considering this a trick against her mother—revenge, really. No one deserved to be trapped in a tower.

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