█▒ ☾ ╼╼ Jackson walked through the moonlight, bare feet crunching over dead leaves. His shepherd’s crook lay over his arm as brown eyes scoped the dark landscape. The forest was oddly quiet tonight, which made the bare trees even eerier with their shaking limbs. 

"Odd, the Moon seems dimmer tonight," he said to himself quietly.

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"you have to believe in me."

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Pitch kept to the shadows, watching the youth curiously. He had never come within twenty feet of him, had never even been noticed by him. Yet there was something about him that was undeniably fascinating. And it was obvious that the Man in the Moon was interested in him as well.

Unfortunately, this night seemed different. The boy was aware of him. Could he see him?

Pitch struggled with the idea of killing him, versus corrupting him, versus leaving him alone. Curiosity eventually won out. He couldn’t kill him- not yet, at least. Now he struggled with the idea of revealing himself. He took a tentative step towards him, out of the gloom. “I suppose you’ve caught me.” He said, chuckling. “It’s about time you noticed. You’re rather carefree, unlike the rest of the people around here. They tend to be so uptight, so full of fear- you’re different. It’ll be the death of you.”

█▒ ☼ ╼╼ The shadows parted to reveal a sinister looking man. It was not someone from Tanglewood, which was almost as terrifying as the man’s hollow yellow eyes. But perhaps man was not the proper word, because Jackson sensed he was not from this world or the next. Was he a sorcerer? Ghost? Or something new altogether?

Jackson was not so stupid as to not be scared. He was indeed frightened by the man donned in cloaks blacker than the night itself. His first instinct was to run, but he managed to resist it and clutched his shepherd’s crook ever tighter. And though he was scared, Jackson couldn’t help but have a quivering smile on his lips, looking rather impish in the gloom. 

"Who are you supposed to be?" Jackson snapped, though his voice cracked in the darkness. "The boogeyman or something?"

However, the dark man only spoke truths. Jackson was different than his fellow colonists. He was happy, chipper, full of life and fun. Everyone else, save for the children, were dower and proper. But that would be the death of him? It was cryptic, of course, but it made his hands tremble. 

"You don’t know anything about me! You don’t know how I live or how I will die." 

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Willow wrinkled her nose at the cheeky response, huffing slightly despite the faint grin on her lips. The will’o’the’wisp didn’t interact with many humans, and certainly didn’t talk to them very often; the snark was unexpected but welcome, as most conversation was.

"I prefer the night." She replied softly, biting at her lower lip and shrugging. "I like stargazing, and watching the moon." And I can’t stay out during the day. “‘Not that I gotta explain anything to you’.” She replied, mimicking his earlier response. “Do you need help looking for the lamb?” Leading people home was, at least, something she could do. “I know these woods like the back of my hand. I…spend most of my free time here.”

█▒ ☼ ╼╼ “I like the moon too,” he admitted with a sheepish shrug. “Mother used to say there was a little man up there, but I’m not sure I believe such wild tales.”

The truth was, he did. And sometimes he liked to think that the little man on the moon watched over them all, making sure good dreams dripped into their heads at night among the moon’s gentle glow. But he wouldn’t dare admit that out loud—not to anyone, except Emma. He smirked at her response and began loping away, in search of the tiny white-fleeced lamb.

"Sure you can," Jackson replied. "I wouldn’t mind some help."

However, as he began to look through the foliage of the woods, a thought struck him. He had never seen this strange girl before. And Tanglewood was not prone to sudden, unexpected visitors. Especially those who lingered in the forest. 

"So, where do you hail from?" He asked suddenly, picking over roots and fallen limbs carefully.

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█▒ ☼ ╼╼ Jackson was wandering around the colony, a trail of sheep following behind him. The brunette had shed his winter cloak, but it was still sweltering under the summer sun. For a moment, he wished it were winter again, because the chill was always so delightful. 

Yet, it was just wishful thinking.

Upon inspection of the bustle of his fellow colonists, he spotted someone who looked entirely out of place. Jackson, never one to avoid a potential new target for future tricks, amiably walked over to the boy.

"Welcome to Tanglewood!" He greeted with a smile. 

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Send me “Librarian!” + a number and I’ll grab the closest book, flip to that page number, and make us a starter using a random line of text from said page!

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█▒ ☼ ╼╼ Jackson was out at night, a little tipsy from his time at the tavern. Often he was shunned for being a trickster and incredibly childish, but no one could deny that Jackson had the best stories—full of magical things and hope and fun. When he babbled on at the tavern, an ale swinging wildly through the air, people were enchanted. For a moment, he was more than just a trickster—he was something people could believe in, because they forgot their woes and worries for a few precious seconds. 

But now he lingered within the streaming moonlight, eyes cast to the sky. The stars were spectacular as he stumbled home. As he ventured forth through the sparkling night, he felt a prickling sensation on the back of his neck and an unsettling chill. Even the moon abandoned him, hiding behind a sudden cloud. 

"Hello? Is someone there?" The brunette called out, holding aloft his shepherd’s crook, which was an ever-present ornament in his hands. Worry creased his forehead. Something was not quite right.

█▒ ☼ ╼╼ It was supposed to be summer—the sun was meant to shine freely upon the colony, the crops were supposed to flourish, and the children were anxious to play within sunshine. But things were going poorly for Tanglewood—instead of a beautiful, whimsical summer, the weather was acting in ways the colonists had never seen before! The wind was harsh and chilly. Rain pelted the thatched roofs. The children mournfully looked out windows to behold storm-filled clouds. 

Jackson went out into the woods to find the source of this heathen weather. If it was a witch that had cursed them, then he would proudly banish it! 

As he ventured forth within the woods, he noticed a slender girl among the foliage and trees. He approached cautiously, bare feet slick against the muddy ground. Was this the witch he sought?


█▒ ☼ ╼╼ “Hey Em,” Jackson called over his shoulder, a plump berry poised in his hand. “These berries aren’t gonna pick themselves, you know!” 

Of course, he threw the berry at his little sister’s face. Jackson could only be occupied by chores for so long, obvious by the tongue now sticking out of his mouth as he grinned childishly at his newest attempt to play.

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"Who are you?" Willow asked, silvery hair falling before pale blue eyes when her mist billows around her. "The moon’s out and that means it’s far too late for you to be."

█▒  ╼╼ Jackson looked up in alarm, brown eyes brimming with shock. The girl before him did not look familiar, which was always a startling predicament in Tanglewood, the quaint colony where he lived. However, they were outside within the woods, moonlight spilling freely through the leaves. 

"I was looking for a lamb—it escaped the pen and I heard it hollering in the woods. I came to look for it. Father would be furious if I lost it," Jackson quipped, nudging the dirt with his shepherd’s crook. "Not that I gotta explain anything to you, because you are out at such a late hour too. Care to explain, milady?” There was a twinkle in his eye and a barely concealed smirk on his lips.